The Demon Chieftain is a boss from the Nether Expansion idea pack. It spawns in the top room of Demon Castles, which occur randomly in the Nether. It wields a Nether Brick Battlestaff as its weapon. The Demon Chieftain does 10 HP of damage per hit if the player lacks armor. This makes it a formidable foe. Its own HP is 250 - or 125 hearts. The Demon Chieftain has several abilities that it triggers at set points in the fight.


  • When it hits 240 HP, 210 HP, 180 HP, 150 HP, 120 HP, 90 HP, 60 HP, 30 HP, and 0 HP, it will blanket the room in fire, which will eventually go out.
  • At 140 HP, 100 HP, 75 HP, and 25 HP, it will summon three Nether Demons to fight.
  • At 10 HP, it will get a permanent Regeneration I effect.