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The Devil is a melee mob from the Nether Expansion idea pack. It is a reddish, player-sized figure that wields a Pitchfork. The Devil is a stronger version of the Imp, but lacks the ability to sneak. It is also 1.5x faster than the player. The Devil can also sprint while the Imp cannot. They spawn anywhere in the Nether. Devils, due to wielding a Pitchfork, have a 50% chance to set the player on fire. Thankfully, unlike the Nether Demon's, this fire will go out after a while.


  • Fire Resistance

Relations with Imps

When a Devil spots an Imp, it will strike it once for 9px-Heart.svg and then ignore it, as if punishing it. The Nether Demon shares this behavior.


The Devil may attack in two ways: a sprinting melee charge or by throwing a small fireball at the player. The melee charge does 9px-Heart.svg9px-Heart.svg9px-Half Heart.svg of damage and knocks targets back 4 blocks while the fireball sets targets on fire for 2 seconds. However, it does not ignite terrain, so no hazards are made.