The Ender Staff is an item added by Silver's Idea Pack. It is obtained by killing Elheim the Necromancer or by crafting with 1 Ender Pearl, 2 Diamonds and 2 Sticks. The Ender Staff allows the player to mount a stealthy attack or make a great getaway. The Ender Staff has 100 durability, which is consumed whenever any of its abilities are used.


When right-clicked, the player will teleport. This has a 32-block range. The player cannot go through or into blocks while doing this.

When shift-right-clicked, the player will become invisible for 30 seconds.

Marking Up

The Ender Staff can be "marked up" by surrounding it with Ender Pearls in a crafting grid. This allows its abilities to become more powerful.

  • Mk. II: Teleport range 40 blocks, Invisibility for 45 seconds, 200 durability
  • Mk. III: Teleport range 48 blocks, Invisibility for 60 seconds, 300 durability
  • Mk. IV: Teleport range 56 blocks, Invisibility for 75 seconds, 400 durability
  • Mk. V: Teleport range 64 blocks, Invisibility for 90 seconds, 500 durability