Guard Demons are mob ideas from the Nether Expansion idea pack and stand in groups of four at each intersection in the Demon Castles. They will never despawn, and if killed, there is a 50% chance of one spawning in its place. They never move unless a player reaches their line of sight, at which point they will force the player (by forming a line four deep, preventing them from going back) to the nearest tower of the Castle. This is done by making the towers separate from the Castle in structure recognition. Once they have brought the player into the castle, they will stand guard over them. If the player passes the door, they will start attacking. Each game tick, the Guard Demons have a 1/2000 chance to hit the player for 9px-Heart.svg, as if punishing them. They wield a Nether Brick Sword and wear a Netherchain Chestplate. They have 20 HP total.

Relations with Demon Captains

If a Demon Captain gets within their line of sight, Guard Demons will momentarily stop standing sentry and looking for players and only notice them if their hitboxes collide. They will also occasionally drop a gold ingot toward the Demon Captain. However, they will notice the player if they try to pick up the gold.


  • 1-2 Gold Ingots (10% chance)