Lava Furnace

The Lava Furnace is a utility block added by the Nether Expansion idea pack. It uses Lava as its fuel and is used to smelt Iron Ingots into Steel Ingots or, if the ingot is taken out before cooling, Molten Ingots. It works in the same way as a normal furnace, except it can only smelt Iron Ingots and each Lava Bucket can smelt only 16 ingots.


Once the Iron Ingot is smelted, it will appear as a glowing red-orange ingot in the output slot. If this ingot is taken out, the player gets a Molten Ingot. However, after about five seconds, the Molten Ingot will cool, turning into a shiny silver ingot. If this is taken out, the player gets a Steel Ingot.


How to obtain

  • Craft
  • Mine from Demon Castles