Nether Brick Battlestaff

The Nether Brick Battlestaff is both a block and a weapon. It is introduced by the Nether Expansion idea pack. There are two versions: the one dropped by the Demon Chieftain and the one crafted. The crafted one does 3 damage, while the Demon Chieftain's one does 7 damage and comes with Fire Aspect II. If shift+right-clicked on a block, it will be placed facing whichever direction it was placed, similarly to Wood and Pillar Quartz blocks. However, it is otherwise a weapon. If dropped by the Demon Chieftain, it also comes equipped with a Fire Aspect II enchantment and does 4 HP extra damage. Both the normal and Chieftain versions have 465 durability.

How to obtain

  • Kill Demon Chieftain (with Fire Aspect II; does 7 damage)
  • Craft from 1 Nether Brick block, 2 Nether Brick Fences, and 2 Gold Ingots (without Fire Aspect II; does 3 damage)


  • The Nether Brick Battlestaff that is crafted has a different block ID than the Demon Chieftain's battlestaff.