The Nether Crown is an item from the Relics of the Nether idea pack. It is dropped by the Pigman King or can be crafted with Nethergold Ingots and a Diamond. It has no durability level.


  • The Nether Crown can be right-clicked to activate a Nether Portal.
  • It can be placed on the player's head to make Pigman Soldiers ignore them. It will not provide any armor buffs.
  • When shift-right-clicked, a beam of light will fly toward the sky from its location. The beam will cause nearby enemies to catch fire and give the player Fire Resistance for 1 minute.
  • When placed on the ground (right-click on the ground), a large group of Zombie Pigmen, Pigman Soldiers and a single Pigman King will spawn near the player. This consumes the Crown.