Nether Demon

Nether Demons are fiery minions of the Demon Chieftain and spawn in packs throughout Demon Castles in the Nether. They are added
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 7.04.14 PM

The Nether Demon without its sword.

by the Nether Expansion idea pack. They are mottled red and carry a Netherrack Sword. Caution is advised when fighting them, as the sword's fire will never go out except in water, and there is none in the Nether. A Water Bottle can be drunk to stop burning. Nether Demons may also equip and wear Netherchain Armor.


  • Fire Resistance

Relations with Imps

When a Nether Demon spots an Imp, they will strike it once for 9px-Heart.svg and then ignore it, as if punishing it. Devils share this behavior.


  • In Demon Castles (both spawners and naturally)
  • Summoned by the Demon Chieftain