The Spear, added by the Weapons Master idea pack, is both a ranged and melee weapon. It is crafted with 1 tool-making material and 2 Sticks.


For use in melee combat, a Spear does as much damage as a Pickaxe of its type. It will also do half the knockback a normal attack would do. This makes the Spear a bad choice for a melee weapon.


When thrown (right-click), the Spear will do as much damage as s Sword of its type. It will do the normal amount of knockback as well. It will fly about 4 blocks before falling to the ground. Once used, it can be picked up again. However, if not picked up within a minute of when thrown, it will despawn. Note that the Spear, like the Trident, will not disappear if it hits a mob.

Other Uses

  • Wooden Spears can be used as Furnace fuel and last for 1 item.